The cost of Hopper HQ depends on the type of account you’d like. 

Accounts start from as little as $19 per month for unlimited posts, but gets as little as $14.45 per month when supporting multiple accounts, if billed annually. 

If you're plan supports above 5 accounts, you will benefit from our bulk pricing discount and we can add additional accounts to your Hopper HQ at $15 per month per account for unlimited posts. This is further reduced if you're supporting more than 10 accounts, meaning any extra accounts you add are priced at just $10/month each. 

You can find information more on our pricing by using our pricing calculator, here

Can I trial Hopper HQ, before I purchase a plan?

All of our plans come with a built-in 14 day free trial so you won’t be charged unless you choose to stay using Hopper HQ. 

If you don’t wish to keep using Hopper HQ you can cancel your account from the Billing section of your Settings. 

What's next?

Already a customer? If you're looking for more information on adding and removing accounts from your plan, find out more in our Help Centre
We hate saying goodbye, but understand your plans may change. Find out more about cancelling your Hopper HQ plan
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