There are a number of benefits to scheduling your social media content in advance: increased follower numbers, improved engagement and no more midnight alarms!

Currently, the main way to post to Instagram is through the app on your mobile, but we know that this isn't always convenient and you could be missing your followers when they're most online. 

Hopper HQ helps you to create and queue up all of your social media content from your desktop and in advance of the posting time, saving you time and inconvenience 🙌🏼

The benefit of scheduling your content in advance:

You can gather more images, whether that be from your phone or online
Post more regular content and share posts at a time that suits your audience, rather than when is more convenient for you to post
Win back valuable time to focus on building and engaging with your community

Other people managing Instagram accounts with us have seen a reduction in time spent gathering and posting to their Instagram account. Many customers have also experienced an increase in engagement per post (due to it being shared at better times) and an increase in followers, as they are able to easily share more regular, relevant content. Most importantly, customer have seen an increase in brand identity and visits to their website and other content ✨

What's next?

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Want to find out when your Instagram followers are most active, check out our Best Time To Post tool
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