We require card details before a trial to ensure that we are not allowing fake or spam users to abuse Hopper HQ and therefore Instagram. Providing card details enables us to validate a visitors authenticity, as well as helping us by preventing users creating unlimited trial accounts.

Your card will not be charged during the trial period and if you decide, at any point, that you wouldn’t like to stay and pay for Hopper HQ you can simply send us an email or head to your Billing Settings to make changes to your plan. Providing this is done anytime before the 14 days you won’t be billed.

If you do not cancel your account before your trial period ends, you will be billed automatically

Hopper HQ is a limited company in England, registration number 09501144. This means Hopper is restricted and regulated by all UK laws. What’s more all payments and card details are managed by Stripe which is well known as the world’s most secured payment gateway so no one will actually see any details.
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