Hopper HQ is a fully automated scheduling tool for Instagram, allowing you to create, plan and schedule you content days, weeks and months in advance. 

At Hopper, you can schedule posts to Instagram and our virtual users will post them out at the time you specify. No push notifications or reminders! 🎉

Using Hopper HQ, you are able to post and schedule from your desktop or smartphone, so that you can get high quality content out to your followers on a regular basis, regardless of if you’re busy, distracted or even asleep. 

You can easily upload multiple photos, add filters & edit them, tag users and locations, add your own captions with #hashtags & @mentions and schedule them to go out at a time that suits your followers. With Hopper HQ, you can even manage multiple accounts and social media platforms from your dashboard with ease, saving you the hassle of logging in and out on your mobile.

Check out a full tour of Hopper HQ here...

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