At Hopper HQ, we will automatically re-size your larger images in line with Instagram's maximum dimensions (find out more about these here). 

Images that are bigger than 1080 pixels on their largest side will be compressed down to 1080 pixels respectively, as this is the largest dimension Instagram allows. 

To avoid any automatic changes from being made on Hopper HQ or Instagram, we advise uploading files that are 1080 pixels on their longest side, to ensure your post isn't stretched or distorted when uploaded to Instagram.

"The quality of my high-resolution images is being compromised..."

If you notice that the quality of your high-resolution images is being compromised for posts uploaded to Instagram via Hopper HQ, please ensure that you export all files as 1080 pixel on their longest side. 

This will prevent any automatic changes from being made when the post is published to Instagram, giving you greater control over the quality of your images. Of course, if you have any questions just let us know! 😊

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