At Hopper HQ, you are able to schedule your content and then we'll make sure it gets published to the relevant account for you. There are no reminders or push notifications, when it’s time to post - just set and forget! 

Unlike other scheduling services, Hopper HQ posts your content if you’re busy, asleep or even if your phone is switched off, making it even easier to reach your followers 🎉

We're also proud to be one of the only service that offers autopost support for videos to Instagram, making easy to manage all of your social media content with us.

Why is Hopper HQ more expensive than other automated scheduling tools?

The reason why Hopper HQ costs a little more per month, in comparison to some other scheduling tool, is because Hopper HQ doesn’t tamper with or touch Instagram’s API in any way (unlike some illegal services have done, resulting in getting all of their users banned e.g. Gramblr). 

At Hopper HQ we have created a virtual user that goes into your account, uploads the picture you give us, types out the caption you give us and then posts at the time you specify. This makes Hopper HQ act like a social media agency that only posts the content you give to them - think of us as a member of the team 😊

Despite some similar, illegal tools being cheaper, they do pose a direct risk to your account at a time that Instagram is taking a strong stance to breaches of their terms of service. 

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