In this article we'll cover the process for connecting your Instagram business profiles to Hopper HQ, ready for you to start planning your social media content.

Once your account has been connected to Hopper HQ via Facebook, you will have full access to view the account's analytics by following the link on your dashboard and will also be able to plan your posts visually using your grid planner.

Connecting a Business Instagram

If your Instagram account is linked to a Facebook Page, you will be asked to connect your account via Facebook's API.

Once you hit the 'Add Instagram Account' button, you will be asked to authorise Hopper HQ via Facebook and confirm the user you wish to login as.

Once you've confirmed that it is your personal Facebook account you're logged into, you'll be asked to select the accounts you wish to connect to Hopper HQ.

Remember: You can only make one connection at a time, although Facebook allow you to select multiple accounts.

After hitting 'Next', you'll be asked to confirm which Facebook Pages you wish to connect - this is required to allow us to pull in data for your Analytics and to enable your Grid Planner.

Please make sure you select pages that are linked to the Instagram business profiles you selected in the previous step.

After hitting 'Next', you'll be asked to confirm Hopper HQ's permissions. We recommend leaving these as the default settings to ensure there are no issues with your scheduled posts or analytics.

Once you hit 'Done' at the bottom of this view, you'll be taken to the page below and simply need to press 'OK' to go back to your Hopper HQ dashboard.

Once you're back in your Hopper HQ dashboard, you'll see all of the accounts you have made available to connect. Simply select the account you'd like to connect first and follow the additional steps that appear on your dashboard.

If you're looking to connect another account to your dashboard, keep reading!

Connecting another Business Instagram

If you selected all of your accounts when initially connecting your Instagram profile to Hopper HQ, simply confirm you're logged into the correct Facebook account and you should see all of your accounts appear as above.

However, if you've created a new account since initially connecting your profiles to Hopper HQ follow these steps:

  1. Select 'Edit Settings' instead of continuing as the currently logged in user.

  2. Ensure the new Instagram business account is selected in the list, then hit 'Next'.

  3. Ensure the new Facebook Page is selected in the list, then hit 'Next'.

  4. Confirm the permissions by pressing 'Done'.

Once you return to your Hopper HQ dashboard, you should see the new profile appear as an option to be connected ready to start scheduling.

If you have any difficulty connecting your Instagram account to Hopper HQ, let us know - we're always happy to help! 💙

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