Unlike other services, at Hopper HQ, we upload, create and publish you scheduled posts using the official Instagram app, in the same way you would post to the platform yourself. 

During high-load periods, or when publishing large image, video or carousel posts, it can take slightly longer for our virtual users to process your post. However, our developers are constantly working on updates to ensure delays are kept to a minimum. 

Why was my post delayed by four minutes?

If you're uploading and scheduling high-resolution image or video files to Hopper HQ, these can result in slightly longer delays processing and publishing your posts in Instagram. 

Our developers are constantly working to reduce delays and speed up processing, but unfortunately, as we publish your posts using the official Instagram app, some delays are out of our control. 

Why was my post delayed by longer than ten minutes?

There are a few reasons why your post may have been delayed by longer than average:

It's a carousel post with multiple videos

As we upload and publish your scheduled posts within the official Instagram app, processing carousel posts with multiple videos can take longer - as we have to wait for each file to upload. 

Support for carousel posts is one of our newest features and our team are continuing to work on updates and improvements, to speed up processing in Instagram and prevent unnecessary delays. 

Your post was scheduled for on-the-hour

As previously mentioned, high-load periods can result in longer delays and, for this reason, we recommend against scheduling your posts for the top or bottom of the hour (e.g. 7:00pm or 7:30pm). 

Instead, we highly recommend that you schedule your posts for more 'natural' post times (e.g. 7:18pm or 7:48pm), to prevent your posts from being caught in a queue. 

What's next?

  • Optimise your schedule and find out when the best time to post to your account is with our free tool
  • Find out how you can avoid scheduling posts during high-load periods by updating your time settings
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