If you haven't already heard, we now support fully-automated scheduling to Instagram via Zapier ✨

The integration was launched earlier this year and we're very excited to be offering support for Zapier on Hopper HQ, saving you time and fully-automating your scheduling process.

As it's still relatively new, there are some limitations and we'll be explaining what you can and can't publish using Zapier below. We'll still be offering support to schedule unsupported content and you will be able to publish these posts using our reminder service.

What content does Hopper HQ X Zapier support?

Here are the features you can use and automate using Zapier and those that will continue to use Hopper HQ reminders...

Autopost with Zapier

Hopper HQ Reminders

Single Images

Video Posts

Carousel Posts

User Tags

Location Tags

First Comments

As Zapier and Instagram expand what can be supported using this new connection we'll update this table, so check back or let us know if you'd like to receive updates on any specific features.

What are the advantages of connecting via Zapier?

There are number of reasons why we'd recommend connecting your account to Hopper HQ via Zapier, including...

  • Much faster posting (second vs minutes)
  • Much better quality (Instagram upload your original image)
  • Much more stable connection (no more worrying if your post is ready)
  • Two-Factor Authentication support ✨

How do I get connected?

You should see Zapier as a new option to connect under your Account Settings for Instagram and can use this guide to get connected.

If you have any questions or run into any issues, drops us an email or get in touch using the live chat button - we're always happy to help 😊

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