TikTok is the new shiny social media platform amazing for enthralling short video content for any person, brand or business.

Don't miss the boat with Hopper HQ making TikTok scheduling super easy ⛵

It's slightly different to normal posting so let's set you up for success!

How to Publish TikToks

Please ensure you've downloaded the Hopper HQ companion app

TikToks will be published using push notifications from this app.

This means when your scheduled publishing time arrives, you'll receive a notification from the app, click click click, and viola! TikTok published! 🎉

How to create and schedule posts to TikTok in Hopper HQ:

  1. Press the Create button

  2. Choose Post button

  3. Upload your TikTok, one at a time or in bulk

  4. Add your posting notes and schedule a time and date

  5. Press the + button to add more accounts

  6. Schedule your post and save ✨

How to publish TikTok posts:

⚠️ TikToks will not autopost! ⚠️

When your scheduled time arrives, we'll send you a mobile reminder that will open the Hopper HQ Companion app

  1. Open the TikTok post in the app and click Manually Post'. This will open TikTok

  2. Click Create

  3. Go to create a TikTok like usual, you'll see your video as the top of your phone's media gallery and the caption will be saved to your clipboard. Add any music, stickers, text here.

  4. Publish your TikTok 🎉

Can I autopost TikToks?


At the moment, the only official method (to prevent the risk of account safety) is to post using push reminders.

Once this is available through official TikTok methods, we will be quick to develop this.

In order to schedule TikToks using Hopper HQ, please ensure you have Hopper HQ's mobile app. When your scheduled time arrives, we'll send you a reminder so you can upload your TikTok and make sure it's perfect.

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