When connecting your Instagram account there are two levels of connection: Instagram connection and Autopost Connection.

Instagram Connection

This is the basic level of connection. This allows Hopper HQ to pull your account information from Instagram. But it does not allow autoposting.

If you schedule a post with only Instagram Connection it will be published using either email or push notifications.

Autopost Connection

This is the level of connection required for Instagram autoposting.

To autopost to Instagram, the rules set by Meta are:

This is super easy to do within the Instagram mobile app, click the above links for steps.

If you need any help with this sign up for a quick onboarding call here 🌟

Why does Hopper HQ require a connection with Facebook?

How to set up Autopost Connection ✨

Once your Instagram account is a Business profile and connected to a Facebook page, please confirm this connection in Hopper HQ:

  1. Head to your Hopper HQ Account Settings for your newly connected Instagram account.

  2. Press the 'Connect via Facebook' or 'Refresh Connection' button under Autopost connection.

  3. Click 'Edit Settings' in the Facebook pop up shown, instead of continuing as the currently logged in user - if no popup is shown, make sure you have ad-blocker disabled.

  4. 'Select all' Instagram business accounts you require connected with Hopper HQ (Including all previous and future accounts) is selected in the list, then hit 'Next'.

  5. 'Select all' Facebook Pages you require connected with Hopper HQ (Including all previous and future pages), then hit 'Next'.

  6. Confirm the permissions by pressing 'Done'.

  7. Once you return to your Hopper HQ dashboard, you should see the new profile appear as an option to be reconnected.

See here for annotated screenshots of the above process.

→ What to do if the Facebook popup doesn't appear

Not working for you?

If this isn't working for you, please try these troubleshooting steps:

Disconnect your Instagram account from your Facebook Page. Once done, reconnect!

On the Instagram mobile app:

  1. Head to Instagram mobile app

  2. Tap into your Profile

  3. Tap Edit Settings

  4. Tap Page

  5. Disconnect Page

On Facebook.com:

  1. Head to your Facebook Page

  2. Click Settings

  3. Click Instagram

  4. Click Disconnect

On Facebook.com New Page Experience:

  1. Open your Facebook page with New Page Experience

  2. Click Meta Business Suite

  3. In the left hand sound bar click Page Settings. If Page Settings is not shown, click Edit and add Page Settings.

  4. Click Linked Accounts

  5. Disconnect the Instagram account

Now reconnect your Instagram account and Facebook page 👉 How to Connect my Instagram Account to my Facebook Page

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