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Instagram Story failed to publish
Instagram Story failed to publish
If your story has failed, read on to find out what to do next.
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We're sorry to hear that your post has failed.

Instagram Stories will not be published automatically. In order to schedule Instagram Stories using Hopper HQ, please download our brand new mobile app.

When your scheduled time arrives, we'll send you a reminder so you can upload your story to Instagram and make sure it's perfect. We've made this as easy as possible, so you can publish the Instagram story in less than 1 minute ✨

Can I autopost Instagram Stories?


At the moment, the only official method (to prevent the risk of account safety) is to post using reminders.

Once this is available through official Instagram methods, we will be quick to develop this.

How to Publish Instagram Stories

Please ensure you've downloaded out Hopper HQ companion app

Instagram Stories will be published using push notifications from this app.

This means when your scheduled publishing time arrives, you'll receive a notification from the app, click click click, and viola! Story published! 🎉

Set up Push Notifications

1. Allow push notifications on your Hopper HQ Companion mobile app

2. Head to Hopper HQ > Account Settings and under Push Notifications click 'Add New Device'

Don't forget to ask all your team members to set up push notifications!

4. Click, click, click. Violà!

Any difficulty, please reach out via our support channel, we're happy to help! 😃

Plan and schedule your Instagram Stories

  1. Click 'Create'

  2. Click 'Story'

  3. Create the Story

    1. Add Images or Videos

    2. Set publishing time

    3. Add posting notes - these are the place to note if you'll be adding any Instagram elements to the story when posting, i.e. filters, stickers, text...

    4. Select which Instagram account(s) the Story will be published to

  4. Click Save!

The post will be Saved in the brand new Stories tab ✨ Where, like normal, you'll be able to view your scheduled, draft and historic Stories.

The view is similar in the mobile app 😉

Publish using the app

When it's the scheduled publishing time, you'll receive a push notification through the app guiding you to publish your Instagram Story.

⚠️ Instagram Stories will not autopost! ⚠️

  1. Click into the Story icon in the app

  2. Click 'Manually Post', this will open Instagram

  3. Create a story like usual in Instagram and see your Story media top of your gallery. Add any stickers, links, text, drawings here.

  4. Head back to the app and press 'Mark as published'.

Any difficulty, please reach out via our support channel, we're happy to help! 😃

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