Once you've created a team and invited your teammates and clients you may be interested in implementing an approval system.

What is an approval system?

An approval system is a process whereby team members can create the posts for the social media platforms, and then someone else can individually approve (or not as the case may be) the posts.

Hopper HQ approval process

To do this in Hopper HQ, we recommend saving posts to be approved as 'Drafts', so that your client (or whoever is approving) can go into the Draft section and approve the posts they like by unticking them as drafts.

Unticking a post as a draft will keep everything exactly the same, but now the post can be published when the scheduled time comes around 🕑

How to save posts as drafts

There are a few views in Hopper HQ that you can save posts as drafts

  • In the Bulk create/edit view

Once your posts are created, click Bulk Actions at the top of the page to Mark all as drafts.

Alternatively, you can mark individual posts as drafts using this tickbox:

  • In the quick edit view

Click into any post icon on Hopper HQ to tick/untick a post as a draft:

Please get in contact if you have any questions 😃

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