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Video Guidelines
Video Guidelines
Learn about what video specifications Hopper HQ supports
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Please ensure that your video posts are in line with the following Instagram guidelines:

Instagram Post Aspect Ratio

The maximum video width for Instagram in 1080 pixels and the minimum is 600 pixels width.

Unfortunately, this means there is currently no support for Super HD or 4K video uploads on either Instagram or Hopper HQ. The maximum is 1080px for all video files.

There is no height restriction for videos on Instagram, they can be any size as long as they are within maximum portrait & landscape ratios - 4:5 and 1.91:1 respectively.

Instagram Reel Aspect Ratio

Instagram reels are portrait i.e. smart phone screen sized.

Please upload videos and photos 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels tall (an aspect ratio 9:16).

Format and Frame Rate

At Hopper HQ, we recommend uploading your videos in .mov, .mp4 or .m4v format. The maximum support frame rate is 30fps.

Instagram often update their video format guidelines, so our best advice would always be to export one video file in your chosen format and size and test this in Hopper HQ. If this posts ok via Hopper HQ, create the others in the same format.

Have any questions? Send us the original file that you're struggling to upload.

Here are the guidelines for video length when scheduling on Hopper HQ...


  • Min Duration: 1 second

  • Max Duration: 2 hours

Instagram Post:

  • Min Duration: 3 seconds

  • Max Duration: 60 seconds

Instagram Reel:

  • Min Duration: 3 seconds

  • Max Duration: 15 minutes (Restricted by 100MB size)

Instagram Story:

  • Min Duration: 3 seconds

  • Max Duration: 15 minutes


  • Min Duration: 3 seconds

  • Max Duration: 30 minutes (Restricted by 5GB size)


  • Min: 3 seconds

  • Max: 140 seconds


  • Min: 3 seconds

  • Max: 15 minutes


  • Min: 3 seconds

  • Max: 15 minutes

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