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Welcome to Hopper HQ Pro

The best way to create, plan and schedule to social media is using a scheduling tool like Hopper HQ.

Hopper HQ is so much more than just a scheduling tool. So whilst your brilliantly curated posts, tiktoks, stories and reels publish seamlessly, you can be:

→ Perusing the hashtag explorer to optimise post reach

→ Visually planning your content calendar

→ Approving posts made by your social media team

and so much more...

Hopper HQ features:

  • Autopost to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest

  • Autopost Instagram Reels

  • Publish to Instagram Stories

  • Publish to TikTok

  • Image, video & carousel

  • Analytics: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & TikTok

  • iOS and Android Mobile app

  • Full image editing

  • Social media calendar planning

  • Instagram & TikTok grid planner

Pro features:

Hopper HQ features plus...

Hashtag Explorer

Hopper HQ's Hashtag Explorer is the next level tool to nail your hashtags.

We've equipped you with the ability to search any hashtag, directly compare multiple hashtags, create and edit hashtag groups, format hashtags for posts and explore hashtag categories.

# Hashtag Search

Search any hashtag

Search for related hashtags

Directly compare multiple hashtags

View and sort hashtags by metrics:

  • No. posts using the # of all time

  • No. posts using the # daily

  • Competition of the #

  • No. comments on posts with the #

  • No. likes on posts with the #

# My Hashtags

Create or edit hashtag groups

Pull hashtags from the built-in search function, or, upload hashtags via CSV. upload

Set hashtag formatting for posts

All hashtag groups will be accessible when creating posts in Hopper HQ

# Hashtag Categories

Search for hashtags by category

# Trending Hashtag

See and analyse live trending hashtags

Teams and Teammates

Any team created after 1st December 2022 will be included in Hopper HQ Pro.

A Hopper HQ team means that you can work collaboratively on your Hopper HQ with your teammates, clients, etc.

Teammate Permissions

We understand that you may want to collaborate with people who shouldn't have access to all of your connected accounts. With Teams it's easy for you to set account specific permissions for each of your teammates individually.

Post Approvals

An approval system is a process whereby team members can create the posts for the social media platforms, and then someone else can individually approve (or not as the case may be) the posts.

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