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Benefits of Hopper HQ Pro
Benefits of Hopper HQ Pro
Understand if Hopper HQ Pro plan is right for you and your accounts
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The best way to create, plan and schedule to social media is using a scheduling tool like Hopper HQ.

Hopper HQ is so much more than just a scheduling tool. So whilst your brilliantly curated posts, tiktoks, stories and reels publish seamlessly, you can be:

β†’ Perusing the hashtag explorer to optimise post reach

β†’ Visually planning your content calendar

β†’ Approving posts made by your social media team

and so much more...

What is Hopper HQ Pro?

Specialised features + Hopper HQ = Hopper HQ Pro

Hopper HQ Pro is the plan to grow your social media accounts and elevate your social media management.

With Hopper HQ Pro you will work collaboratively and targeted to ensure your social media delivers the results you want.

Save time with our Hashtag Explorer. No more Googling and research, we do that for you. Understand what hashtags are hot at the moment, understand the usage and competition of hashtags, browse constantly updated hashtag categories, search, create, format, save and input hashtag groups into your posts, reels and tiktoks.

Work collaboratively by adding your teammates and clients to your Hopper HQ. This means that you can work in a team creating and scheduling posts.

Ensure that content is reviewed and approved prior to publishing. Have your team work efficiently in creating and approving posts.

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