Whilst Hopper HQ users rarely experience issues with their posts, when they occasionally do there are a few likely causes:

Timezone is incorrect

If you have the timezone of your Hopper HQ account set differently to the timezone of your desktop or mobile, your posts will go out at the time for your Hopper HQ timezone, but display times for your device. You can change your timezone in your account settings, find more info here

Account isn't verified

Your Instagram account may not be verified, so check your Instagram email address regularly to see if Instagram wants you to verify your email address (with a phone number or captcha code verification).

Password is incorrect

You have changed your Instagram password and not updated Hopper HQ. If your Instagram password has changed, you need to update your Hopper HQ account by going to your account's Instagram Settings in Hopper HQ. Here you can see the Instagram accounts linked to your Hopper HQ account, as well as letting you update the passwords and usernames for any of them.

Account needs re-verifying

Occasionally, if you’re using Instagram from your phone and Hopper HQ from your desktop, Instagram will notice that you’re posting from two different IP addresses and send you a verification email. You just need to complete this verification to keep using Hopper.

Let us know if you continue having issues posting content through Hopper by emailing us - we're more than happy to help 😊

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