After reaching the Hopper HQ dashboard you will be asked to add your timezone, this is so Hopper knows when to post your pictures to Instagram.

You'll then need to verify the email address that you registered your Hopper HQ account under. After this you can start to add your Instagram accounts 🎉

Click the Instagram icon at the bottom of your dashboard and enter your Instagram account details before pressing the 'Add Account' button. This view will show you all of your connected accounts, allowing you to make changes should your username or password change.

We then verify the connection between your Instagram account and your Hopper dashboard to make sure we can properly post the content you give us. 

How do I verify my Instagram accounts in Hopper?

In order for Hopper to post automatically to Instagram, you're likely to be asked to verify Hopper's posting location. This is essentially giving a nod to Instagram that you're happy with us posting on your behalf. 

To help Hopper to post automatically whilst remaining in line with Instagram's terms of service, you may be asked to verify periodically (once a month or so).

When you first receive a verification request please head onto Instagram and complete the steps it asks you. Instagram verification comes in a few different shapes and sizes, once you've done any one of these that should be enough. 

Next, you'll need head back to your Hopper dashboard and let us know that you've completed the verification. It's important that you click 'Mark as complete' or 'I've done this' so Hopper can check the success of the verification. 

If you have any trouble verifying your Instagram account in Hopper, please feel free to contact us - the team are happy to help 😊

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