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Boost your reach with User Tagging
Boost your reach with User Tagging

Learn more about tagging other users in your scheduled posts.

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Sometimes @mentioning a user isn't enough to get their attention, which is why we're pleased to offer scheduled user tags at Hopper HQ.

Whether you're collaborating with influencers, running a competition or want to shout out another brand, scheduling your user tags in advance will save you time spent editing posts so you can get back to creating incredible content. 

To add and schedule a user tag on your Instagram post:

  1. Upload an image or video

  2. Select the Tag People icon from the right-hand menu

  3. Search from the user, select them in the list and hit Done

  4. Schedule your post and save! ✨

💡 You can only tag Instagram accounts on the first image in the carousel post.

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