We are very excited to announce that you can now schedule your carousel posts on Hopper HQ! 🎉

Since its launch in 2017, carousel posts have become one of Instagram's hottest features. 

Giving users a way to publish content organised around a theme or event to their audience, which followers can then swipe through. We've seen a rise in the number of businesses and brands utilising the feature, creating albums that tell a story or showcasing new collections of products. 

Carousel posts have taken the pressure off posting the perfect photo and allow users to get even more creative with their content.

How to schedule a carousel post on Instagram?

1. To create your first carousel post, begin by selecting the '[+] New Post' button, at the top of your Hopper HQ dashboard, and upload your first image or video.

You will need to upload a single 'cover' post first, ready to add more content to your gallery.

2. Once you've uploaded your first image, hit the 'Create Gallery Post' icon to the right when you hover over your image.

3. You can either upload images singularly or bulk upload your content to be added to your gallery post. 

To add more content to your gallery simply select the '+' button (shown below) and upload additional images or videos.

4. Not happy with the order of your gallery? Reordering is easy!

Drag and drop your content into your preferred order, ready to be published at the scheduled time. 

If Instagram isn't your focus, you can also schedule gallery posts for Facebook and Twitter by following the same steps. However, please be aware that the maximum number of videos and images you can add to a gallery varies by channel.

For Instagram, you can upload a combination of up to 10 videos and images to your gallery.

For Facebook, you can upload 1 video or 10 images to your gallery.

For Twitter, you can upload 6 video or images to your gallery.

For Linkedin, you can upload 1 video or 9 images to your gallery.

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