Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin support is now available, and our developers are working to actively improve these features, to enhance your scheduling experience with Hopper HQ.

We highly recommend tailoring your content for each social media platform, but for now, if you are looking to publish existing posts to multiple channels, you will need to duplicate them and add them to your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin queue. 

Here's how 👇🏼

Duplicate your posts to add to another schedule

Find the post you'd like to schedule to another social media accounts queue and press the 'Create copy of this post' button that appears when you hover over the post in your queue (as shown below).

Before you add the post to your queue, you can make changes to the caption and can even edit the content itself. You're also able to change the scheduled time and date, to fit your new chosen account's schedule.

Next, you will need to select the account you'd like to schedule the post to and can do this by clicking the account name. Simply select the account you'd like to schedule the post to and hit 'Create New' to add the post to your queue - it's as simple as that ✨

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