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Can I schedule posts with GIFs?
Can I schedule posts with GIFs?

Learn about scheduling animated GIFs to Facebook and Twitter.

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Using Hopper HQ, you are able to schedule and publish animated GIFs to Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn!

The most popular way to publish GIFs, videos and images is using a social media scheduling tool like Hopper HQ.

Hopper HQ allows you to create and plan your posts in advance, so that whilst you work, sleep, eat and play, Hopper HQ will be publishing your flawless content automatically ✨


To schedule a post with a GIF:

  1. Upload your animated GIFΒ 

  2. Add your caption and include any hashtags

  3. Schedule your post and save! πŸŽ‰

Is it available for Instagram?

As Instagram doesn't currently support GIFs, we don't either. But this is something we are keeping an eye on, so if this changes on Instagram's side we will update this on our end too 😊

For the time being, please ensure that all animated posts are converted to either .mp4 or .m4v format.Β 

Did you know Hopper HQ has a 14 day free trial for new users?

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