We're thrilled to support Instagram Reels on Hopper HQ 🔥

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How to plan and schedule your Instagram Reels

  1. Click 'Create'

  2. Click 'Reel'

  3. Create the reel

    1. Add Video

    2. Set publishing time

    3. Add caption

    4. Select which Instagram account(s) the reel will be published to

  4. Click Save!

  5. When the schedule time arrives your reel will automatically publish ✨

Reels will be publish to both the post and reel feed.

Can I autopost Instagram Reels?


Create, plan and schedule your reels in Hopper HQ and we'll publish them automatically! 😃

What's Next?

  • Plan, Schedule and Publish Instagram Stories using Hopper HQ

  • Want to add a feature to Hopper HQ? Let us know!

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