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Mobile App: How to create a post, story or reel
Mobile App: How to create a post, story or reel

Learn how to create a post on Hopper HQ's Mobile App

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Explore the convenience of mobile content creation as we walk you through the process of crafting engaging posts, stories, and reels on Hopper HQ's Mobile App. Learn how to seamlessly capture and share moments, tell your story, and create dynamic reels—all from the convenience of your mobile device. 📲✨

How to create a post, story or reel:

  1. Open the Hopper HQ App

  2. Click the + button in the top right

  3. Choose between creating:

    1. Post

    2. Story

    3. Reel

  4. Upload media

  5. Complete your media

    1. Add more media to create a carousel

    2. Image editor

    3. Crop

    4. Tag Accounts

    5. Change Media

    6. Delete

  6. Enter a Caption

  7. Add a First Comment

  8. Add Location

  9. Choose Post Time

  10. Choose the accounts the post will publish to (Find out more about multi-platform scheduling)

  11. Save ✨

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