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Design Hours: Expertly-Designed Visuals
Design Hours: Expertly-Designed Visuals

Unlock the power of professional graphics with Hopper HQ's Design Hours service

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At Hopper HQ, we recognize the significance of making a lasting impression in today's competitive social media landscape. Our exclusive Design Hours service empowers you to enhance your online presence effortlessly. When you choose us, you're choosing quality - professionally designed content that aligns seamlessly with your brand.

The Benefits ✨

Expert-Designed Graphics:

Our team of skilled designers is dedicated to creating visuals that resonate with your unique brand identity. From eye-catching posts to engaging stories, Design Hours ensures that your content stands out in the crowded digital landscape.

Time Savings:

Focus on what matters most – your core business. With Design Hours, we take the responsibility of handling your social media visuals, giving you the freedom to concentrate on driving your brand forward.

Consistent Branding:

Maintain a cohesive and impactful online presence effortlessly. Our design expertise ensures that your brand is represented consistently across all social media channels, fostering brand recognition and trust.

How Design Hours Work πŸ€”

  • Register your interest: Joining Design Hours is easy. Simply message our support channels to enquire!

  • Brief Template: Once signed up, we'll send you a brief template to understand your channels, brand, design preferences and requirements.

  • Top-Notch Posts: Our team of designers will work their magic, creating top-notch visuals that align with your brand.

It's that simple! From sign-up to stunning posts, let us handle the visual side of your social media journey.

The Cost πŸ‘›

Choose a package that best fits your needs:

Perfect for New Hopper HQ Users πŸ‘‡

Template Package: 10 Social Media Post/Story Templates ($50)

Unlock the power of professional design without breaking the bank. The Template Package is perfect for Hopper HQ users who are just getting started, offering:

  • Ready-to-use templates to kickstart your social media journey.

  • Establish a polished and cohesive brand presence on social media effortlessly.

  • Save time on content creation with pre-designed templates tailored for various occasions.

Ideal for Small Businesses and Growing Brands πŸ‘‡

Essential Package: 10 Social Media Posts/Stories ($75)

Upgrade your social media game with the Essential Package, tailored for small businesses and growing brands. It includes:

  • Professionally designed content to captivate your audience.

  • Enhance brand visibility and engagement with eye-catching posts.

  • Present a consistent brand image across your social media channels.

For Brands Ready to Make a Statement πŸ‘‡

Premium Package: 50 Social Media Posts/Stories ($150)

Elevate your brand to new heights with the Premium Package – designed for those ready to make a statement. This package features:

  • A robust content arsenal to dominate your social media presence.

  • Dominate your niche with a consistent and impactful content strategy.

  • Increase audience engagement and build a loyal following with diverse and compelling posts.

Tailored Solutions for Strategic Growth πŸ‘‡

Enterprise Package (Custom Pricing)

For businesses with unique needs, the Enterprise Package offers custom-tailored design solutions and strategic planning:

  • Tailored design solutions: Crafted to meet the specific requirements of your brand.

  • Consultation sessions: Strategic design planning sessions to align your visuals with your business goals.

  • Execute a bespoke social media strategy aligned with your brand's unique identity.

  • Leverage expert guidance to strategically plan and execute your design initiatives.

Our pricing structures are designed to offer flexibility and cater to diverse design needs. We also offer calls to discuss the options available and better understand your needs. Book here and select Design Hours.

Review from

"Hopper HQ's Design Hours transformed our social media game! The quality, speed, and attention to detail exceeded our expectations. A must-try for anyone serious about their brand's online presence." -

FAQs ❓

How long does it take to receive designed posts?

Design turnaround time is typically 2-5 working days.

Can I request revisions to the designs?

Yes, we provide a revision option to ensure you are satisfied with the final output.

Is there a limit to the number of design requests I can make?

No, design hours are subject to availability. Enquire with our team to find out more.

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