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Instagram Collaborator Posts

Hopper HQ supports Instagram Collaboration Posts

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Exciting news! We're thrilled to announce the arrival of Instagram Collaborator Posts - a powerful feature designed to streamline collaboration efforts and amplify your Instagram presence like never before.

What Are Instagram Collaborator Posts?

Instagram Collaborator Posts allow you to seamlessly collaborate with other Instagram users on your posts, fostering engagement, creativity, and community.

How to Add a Collaborator to Your Post:

  1. Create Your Post: Craft your post as usual, adding your content, caption, and any other elements.

  2. Click 'Collaborator': In the caption box, locate and click on the 'Collaborator' option.

  3. Enter the Username: Enter the username of the Instagram account you wish to collaborate with.

  4. Schedule: Once you've added the collaborator, schedule your post for publishing.

At the scheduled time of publishing, your post will go live on your feed as usual. Simultaneously, the collaborator will receive an Instagram notification with your request to collaborate. If they accept, the post will appear on their feed as a collaboration post! πŸš€


  • Does my collaborator need a Hopper HQ account?

    • No. As long as your collaborator has a public profile, you'll be able to invite them to your post.

  • What happens if my collaborator rejects my request for a collaboration post?

    • The post will publish like normal to your profile without the collaboration aspect.

  • What happens in the gap between publishing and my collaborator accepting the collaboration request?

    • The post will publish like normal to your profile without the collaboration aspect. Once your collaborator accepts, the post will become a collaboration post.

  • Can I invite a private Instagram profile to collaborate on a post?

    • No. The Instagram profile needs to be a public profile.

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