At Hopper HQ, our mission is to save you bags of time, so that you can get back to creating outstanding content and building authentic relationships with your followers...

After hearing your feedback, we added our multiple platform scheduling function - helping to speed up the scheduling process, especially when queueing the same content to be published to multiple social media channels. 

You can now select multiple accounts when creating a new post on your Hopper HQ dashboard, adding posts to both queues at once! 🎉

How to schedule to multiple channels at once

  1. Create new post and upload content
  2. Press the '+' icon next to the account currently being scheduled to, at the bottom of your post (shown above)
  3. We will automatically select on of your connected posts to be added to the post, but you can change this simply by clicking the incorrect account and selecting or searching for another
  4. When you're ready, hit 'Schedule Now' - easy as that! ✨

Remember: First comment scheduling is only available for Instagram posts and will be automatically removed from posts published to Facebook or Twitter.

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