What is Hopper HQ?

An Introduction to Hopper HQ and how it can help you with social media

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Hopper HQ is a planning, scheduling and analytics tool for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok.

The benefits of using a scheduling tool are endless for your social media accounts.

The most popular reason people want to use a scheduling tool is to save time on social media marketing. We all need to have a presence on social media, but it need not be arduous.

Hopper HQ allows you to create and plan your posts in advance, so that whilst you work, sleep, eat and play, Hopper HQ will be publishing your flawless content automatically ✨

Introducing Hopper HQ

We’re so pleased that you chose us to help you step-up your social media marketing game and can’t wait to watch your accounts skyrocket… 🚀

Since we started back in 2016, we’ve expanded our offering to help you better manage all of your social media channels - after all, over 50% of the global population actively use social media and an increasing number of businesses are turning their focus to growth on these channels.

You can connect your social media accounts to Hopper HQ, ready to schedule your video, image, carousel and text posts making it easier to manage your social media marketing efforts. 

Check out our full list of features here, or let us know if you have any specific questions about what Hopper HQ can do 🙂


  • Save time on social media management

  • Helps grow your audience

  • Automated posting to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

  • TikTok scheduling

  • Instagram story scheduling

  • Instagram reel scheduling

  • Web, iOS & Android

  • Post to multiple accounts

  • Calendar planning

  • Grid planner

  • Collaboration

  • Analytics

  • Drag n' drop

  • First comment scheduling

  • Hashtag suggestions

  • Full image editing

  • Bulk upload

  • Easy to use

We love hearing from you guys, so if you ever need any help or have a suggestion for a new feature, get in touch and let us know 😊

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