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Can I add #hashtags and @mentions to posts?
Can I add #hashtags and @mentions to posts?

Learn more about scheduling #hashtags and @mentions on Hopper HQ.

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You can schedule @mentions in your captions and also add #hashtags to your posts, with the option to add these as a first comment to your Instagram posts.ย 

Mention users

To make sure you always tag the correct @username in your posts, so the user you're mentioning is notified, you can use our autocomplete feature for @mentions.ย 

Simply type the user name, affixing an '@' as you would on Instagram.ย 

Add #hashtags

Highly targeted #hashtags are an essential tool for increasing the reach of your post and also your post's engagement. We know that sometimes #hashtags can make your caption appear messy, so with Hopper HQ you can schedule your tags as a first comment.

Keeping your #hashtags varied is also important for reaching new followers and with our Hashtag Explorer you can find new, relevant #hashtags for your posts and discover new tags based on ones you already use.

โ†’ Learn more about Hopper HQ Hashtags and Hashtag Analytics

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