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Hashtag Analytics

Use our analytics platform to determine the success of your hashtags.

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Welcoming Hashtag Analytics to Hopper HQ's Analytics feature! πŸ€“

We couldn't say it better ourselves Schmidt! #Excitement

Hopper HQ believes in data. From data we can delve deep, troubleshoot, spot failures and see growth. We truly believe that all decisions should be rooted in the data.

Whilst it's not a one-size-fits-all approach, the industry hashtag best practice is:

  • 2-3 hashtags per post on Facebook

  • 3-5 hashtags per post on LinkedIn

  • 2 hashtags per post on Twitter

  • 3-5 hashtags per post on Instagram (unless adding more in the first comment)

  • 3-5 hashtags per post on TikTok

  • 5-10 hashtags per post on YouTube

  • 2-8 hashtags per post on Pinterest

Hashtag Explorer

Our Hashtag Explorer is the next-level tool to nail your hashtags.

We've equipped you with the ability to search any hashtag, directly compare multiple hashtags, create and edit hashtag groups, format hashtags for posts and explore hashtag categories.

# Hashtag Search

Search any hashtag

Search for related hashtags

Directly compare multiple hashtags

View and sort hashtags by metrics:

  • No. posts using the # of all time

  • No. posts using the # daily

  • Competition of the #

  • No. comments on posts with the #

  • No. likes on posts with the #

# My Hashtags

Create or edit hashtag groups

Pull hashtags from the built-in search function, or, upload hashtags via CSV. upload

Set hashtag formatting for posts

All hashtag groups will be accessible when creating posts in Hopper HQ

# Hashtag Categories

Search for hashtags by category

Hopper HQ Hashtags

Hopper HQ pulls and collates Hashtag information into an easily digestible table so that you can see which hashtags are performing better on your social media campaigns.

The table is broken into:

  • The hashtag itself

  • The posts with this hashtag

  • The success metric (Likes and Comments).

This data is ordered with your highest performing hashtags at the top.

This allows you to determine which hashtags pull what type of engagement, so you can review what works and which hashtags you can ditch!

Please note that we can only pull hashtag data from the caption, not the first comment.

Any questions or feature requests? Let us know, we love hearing from you!

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