In order to access Hopper HQ's Analytics feature, your Instagram account will need to be connected to a Facebook Page and set up as a Business Profile on Instagram. 

Please make sure that your profile is set to Public - private accounts can't switch to Business Accounts and we will not be able to publish scheduled posts through Hopper HQ.

How do I convert to a Business Profile?

1. Go to your profile on the Instagram app and tap the ⚙️ Settings icon

2. Tap Account, and then tap Switch to Professional account.

3. Follow the workflow here introducing the benefits of Professional accounts.

4. Select the category of your Instagram account from the list. Tap done.

5. Check the Business box. Tap Next.

6. Review your contact info. Tap Next.

7. Connect to Facebook or connect to your Facebook Page if Facebook is already set up with your Instagram account. If you haven't got a Facebook Page set up, simply tap the 'Create a Page' link and you can set one up easily within the Instagram app.

You can also connect to a Facebook page on your Instagram profile, tap Edit Profile, and underneath Public business information click Page.

Once you've converted your account to an Instagram Business Profile, you can connect via Facebook and activate our advanced features, including Analytics and Instagram Grid Planner. 

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