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Update your recommended times with Time Settings
Update your recommended times with Time Settings

Learn more about how to adjust your time settings and take control of your recommended post times.

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With Instagram's change to the algorithm, it has never been more important for you to be publishing content when your audience are most active and engaged. 

To help you make sure your posts are scheduled during your golden hours ✨ and to speed up scheduling, we've added Time Settings to your account. You can now preset your perfect scheduled times and set timezones for each of your connected social media accounts.

But, how do you know when the best time to schedule your post is?

With our Best Time To Post tool, of course! 🎉

We know that trying to figure out when your audience are most active can be a bit of a minefield, especially when social media allows you to access a global audience. So we developed our Best Time To Post tool, to help you optimise your accounts' schedules, without having to know the ins-and-outs of each platforms' algorithm. 

You will need an Instagram business profile to use this tool - if you need help converting to a business profile, check out this article

Now, back to Time Settings...

Not only can you preset times for each of your accounts individually, you can also set the timezone for each account - so if your profiles target audiences in different timezones, you no longer need to convert times yourself!

Here's how to preset your scheduled times on Hopper HQ:

  1. Go to your social media account's settings

  2. Head to your account's Time Settings

  3. Set times up for individual days, every weekday, weekend etc.

When you create new posts, we'll automatically recommend times based on your Time Settings and the last post you have scheduled - this will include both posts in your queue and in your drafts. 

What's next?

  • Find out when your target are most active using our Best Time To Post tool and never miss your followers when they're online

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