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An Introduction to LinkedIn scheduling and content ideas with Hopper HQ.

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Let's break the view of LinkedIn as just a job hunting website. This narrow perception ignores the incredible value it can bring to you, as a professional individual, as well as your business.

It's the perfect platform to expose you and your business to an active audience, giving you a chance to add your voice and share content into a professional sphere. The more active you are in your content niche will naturally land you as an industry specialist, connecting you with like-minded professionals, similar industries as well as clients.

To sum, LinkedIn is the ideal springboard to boost your professional reputation.

Hopper HQ LinkedIn features

  • Create, schedule and automatically publish text posts

  • Create, schedule and automatically publish image posts

  • Create, schedule and automatically publish multi-image posts (up to 9 images in the post)

  • Create, schedule and automatically publish article posts

  • Create, schedule and automatically publish video posts (files up to 30 minutes in length and/or 5GB)

Connect your LinkedIn Account to Hopper HQ

1. Press the + Add Account button to connect a new account and select LinkedIn.

2. You'll be asked to login to your LinkedIn account in order to choose which page or profile you want to connect.

3. Select the account you want to connect and then you're ready to start scheduling posts, which we'll publish when the scheduled time arrives.

What to post on LinkedIn and how Hopper HQ helps

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Final words

LinkedIn is growing in popularity and it is easy to see why. The huge functionality with networking, job hunting, online courses and of course social media, LinkedIn makes presenting yourself and your business as easy and clear as possible.

Nonetheless, LinkedIn can be a tricky platform to navigate, but with these tips, content ideas and a solid social media strategy you're well on your way to nailing LinkedIn content creation to benefit you and your business.

Take control of your LinkedIn with Hopper HQ scheduling! 🌟

Please get in contact if you have any ideas to add. We love hearing from you!

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