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Elevate Your Social Media with Hopper HQ's Exclusive Account Audit
Elevate Your Social Media with Hopper HQ's Exclusive Account Audit

Unlock the Potential of Your Social Media with Hopper HQ's Exclusive Account Audit

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Ignite Your Social Media Journey with Expert Guidance

Discover the power of Hopper HQ's Exclusive Account Audit – a comprehensive analysis tailored to Hopper HQ customers. Choosing Hopper HQ means unlocking the expertise and guidance needed for a thriving online presence.

Tailored Strategies for Success

Gain insights into what you can achieve, assess your current performance, and define success with personalized frameworks. Our expert team delves into the types of content best suited for your account, refines sentiment messaging, identifies optimal posting times, and provides best practice tips.

Confidence in Your Social Media Journey

Our $500 Account Audit, now available to Hopper HQ customers for $300, ensures you are set up for success, growing faster, and working with confidence. With expert-created guidelines and frameworks, you'll have the best chance of success in scaling your social media presence.

Exclusive Offer for Hopper HQ Customers

Hopper HQ customers enjoy a $200 discount, making the Account Audit available at $500. Position yourself for success and growth with this exclusive offer. We’re here for your success every step of the way.


What is the turnaround time for the Account Audit?

  • The account audit will be in your hands within 3-7 days once we gain access to your accounts.

Is the $200 discount available for all Hopper HQ customers?

  • The $200 discount is exclusively for Hopper HQ customers.

What do I need to do for the Account Audit?

  • To kickstart the Account Audit process, we'll need access to your social media profiles. If you're an existing Hopper HQ customer, ensure your profiles are seamlessly connected to our platform.

  • For a more personalized experience, share your social media goals with us. Once committed to an account audit, email us with:

    • A brief summary of your business

    • Your previous social media strategy

    • Your social media goals

    • Your target audience

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