At Hopper HQ, we understand that uploading to your social media channels is time consuming and can eat into your time spent focussing on creative tasks, building client relationships and engaging with your online community. 

To save you even more time, you can upload and schedule your social media content on Hopper HQ in bulk! ✨

Simply create a new post in your dashboard and then select multiple files to upload. This allows you to select multiple pictures and videos to turn into scheduled posts at one time; but you can also use the + Single Post button, highlighted below. 

You can quickly edit these posts, as well as add captions and schedule when you would like them to be published individually. You can view and edit all of these scheduled posts at any time from the Bulk edit, Posts or Calendar page on your dashboard.

Can I create a multiple image post in Hopper HQ?

Unlike other services, you are able to schedule carousel posts to be published to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook on your behalf! ✨

For more information on how to create a carousel post, check out this article.

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