Here's how to connect your Twitter account to Hopper HQ...

Connecting your Twitter account to Hopper HQ

1. Press the + Add Account button to connect a new account and select Twitter, as shown below:

2. You'll be asked to login to the Twitter account you want to connect to Hopper HQ, as shown below:

Once connected, you're ready to start scheduling posts and we'll publish them for your when the scheduled time arrives. 🎉

Do I have to pay to add a Twitter account to Hopper HQ?

All of plans come with account 'bundles', which means you have access to all social media platforms we support.

For example, your 3 x Monthly plan will allow you to support up to 3 x Instagram accounts, 3 x Facebook pages, 3 x Twitter accounts and 3 x LinkedIn pages or profiles.

Having trouble connecting your profile?

If you're having difficulty linking your Twitter profile to Hopper HQ, make sure your login details for Twitter are correct by logging in using another device or resetting your password if you've forgotten it.

If that isn't the issue, reach out to the support team - we're always happy to help! 🙂

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