Instagram Connection: Missing Permissions

Let's ensure you've granted all necessary permissions for Hopper HQ to publish on your behalf!

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You're here because you've been told that you are missing permissions...

Let me explain πŸ€“ Hopper HQ requires certain permissions on Facebook and Instagram to be granted to ensure that we can publish your content from the get-go!

It's super simple. Let's check that you've approved everything in the Facebook Connect window:

1 - In the Facebook Connect window, click 'Edit Settings', instead of continuing as the currently logged in user - if no popup is shown, make sure you have ad-blocker disabled.

2 - 'Select all' Instagram business accounts you require connected with Hopper HQ (Including all previous and future accounts) are selected in the list, then hit 'Next'.

3 - 'Select all' Facebook Pages you require connected with Hopper HQ (Including all previous and future pages), then hit 'Next'.

4 - Confirm all the permissions by ensuring they are toggled 'Yes'.

5 - Press 'Done'! 🌟

Very rarely, you won't have the 'edit setting' option in this workflow. We've got a handy workaround for you!

Let's check that Facebook is giving permission to Hopper HQ to access the account(s).

  1. Press 'View and edit' next to Hopper HQ

  2. Ensure that for each permission all the Instagram accounts and Facebook pages are ticked.

  3. Once done, please head back to Hopper HQ and try reconnect the account.

That should be you sorted and fully connected! Any issues, please reach out to one of our friendly support team πŸ˜ƒ

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