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Connecting your Facebook Page

Learn more about connecting your Facebook Page to your dashboard.

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Plan, schedule and autopost to your Facebook Page using Hopper HQ.

The most popular (and easiest) way to nail your Facebook social media is using a scheduling platform like Hopper HQ!

From the comfort of your Hopper HQ dashboard, you can now scheduled content to autopost to your Facebook page, meaning there's no need to switch between platforms - hurray πŸ‘πŸΌ

Connecting your Facebook page to Hopper HQ

To connect your Facebook page to Hopper HQ head to your account settings and hit the 'Add Account' button, as shown below:

You should then be taken to Facebook to authorise Hopper HQ (if you've already connected your Instagram account via Facebook, you may bypass this step) and will need to allow Hopper HQ access to publish content on your behalf.Β 

When linking Facebook pages to Hopper HQ, we require logging in with a personal Facebook profile in order to grant access to the Facebook page.

Please ensure that you are an admin or have 'Facebook Access' for the Facebook page you wish to connect to Hopper HQ, so that you can complete this step and link your account successfully.Β 

As soon as you've allowed Hopper access to your Facebook page, you should see your account listed on the left-hand side of your dashboard and are ready to start scheduling to Facebook! πŸŽ‰

Do I have to pay to add a Facebook page to my account?

You don't need to upgrade your plan to support Facebook pages through Hopper HQ - your plan includes support for multiple social media platforms.Β 

Troubleshooting Tips

Please go through these steps to ensure everything is in order πŸ˜‡

A - Do I have the correct permissions to manage the Facebook Page?

  • Hopper HQ requires admin privileges on your Facebook Page to ensure that we can publish your content from the get-go! Let's check that you have Facebook access permissions on your Facebook Page πŸ‘‰ Check my permissions.

B - Why is my Page not appearing in the list?

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