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Error: Connection Expired

If your post has failed with this error, read on to find out what to do next.

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We're sorry to hear that your post has failed. The good news is that it's an easy fix! ✨

"Connection Expired" means that the connection to this social network has expired. This could be because of changes to the social media accounts such as password, username and account setting changes.

A simple refresh of the connection should get you back up and running.

How to refresh your connections

1. Press the 'Refresh Connection' button in your account's Connection Settings on Hopper HQ.

2. Click 'Edit Settings' in the Facebook pop up shown, instead of continuing as the currently logged in user - if no popup is shown, make sure you have ad-blocker disabled.

3. 'Select all' Instagram business accounts you want to have connected with Hopper HQ (including all previous and future accounts) in the list, then hit 'Next'.

4. 'Select all' Facebook Pages you want to have connected with Hopper HQ (including all previous and future pages), then hit 'Next'.

5. Confirm all requested permissions by pressing 'Done'.

Once you return to your Hopper HQ dashboard, you should see the new profile appear as an option to be reconnected.

Of course, if you need any further assistance reach out to us directly - we're always happy to help!

What's next?

  • Unable to refresh your connections? Check out this article to make sure these common errors aren't blocking you.

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