Hopper HQ allows you to create and plan your LinkedIn posts in advance, so that whilst you work, sleep, eat and play, Hopper HQ will be publishing your flawless content automatically ✨

Firstly, very sorry you've experienced issues with your LinkedIn Account in Hopper HQ.

Great news is that it is a SUPER easy fix. ✨

Have you refreshed your LinkedIn accounts connections recently?

The most common issue with LinkedIn post failures, is due to an expired connection between Hopper HQ and LinkedIn themselves.

At Hopper HQ we've made it super easy to reset this.

1. Head to your LinkedIn Account Settings in Hopper HQ.

2. Press the 'Refresh Connection' button.

3. This will open a LinkedIn login page.

4. Enter your LinkedIn credentials! πŸ˜ƒ

Any issues, or continued post failures after refreshing your connections, reach out to one of the team and they'll be happy to help!

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