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'Refresh Instagram Connection' or 'Refresh Connection'?
'Refresh Instagram Connection' or 'Refresh Connection'?

De-mystifying the two refresh connection buttons. One is for the Instagram connection and one is for the autopost connection

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Are you wondering why there are two "Refresh Connection" buttons? Let's demystify them for you, as they serve different purposes!

Refresh Instagram Connection

The top button, located under "Instagram Connection," is used to refresh the connection specifically between Hopper HQ and Instagram.

Typically, you'll use this button less frequently. Please refresh your Instagram connection if:

  • You change your Instagram account type (Business, Personal, Creator)

  • You change your Instagram username

  • You modify your Instagram settings or permissions

  • You post or delete an Instagram post outside of Hopper HQ

πŸ’‘ Important: Clicking this button will launch Instagram. Make sure you are logged into the correct Instagram account on your device. If you see the wrong Instagram account, please visit the Instagram website and log in with the correct account.

Refresh Connection

The second button, found under "Autopost Connection," is used to refresh the connection between Hopper HQ and Facebook.

Initially, when you link your account to Hopper HQ, this button will appear as "Connect via Facebook."

Please press "Refresh Connection" if:

  • You encounter a failed Instagram post

  • You receive a notification of Facebook connection issues in your account

  • You make changes to your Facebook Page settings

  • You change your Facebook password

  • You set up two-factor authentication on Facebook

  • You cannot see your Instagram analytics

  • You post or delete an Instagram post outside of Hopper HQ

If you have any doubts or uncertainties, we recommend refreshing both your Instagram and Facebook connections to ensure a smooth experience. πŸ˜ƒ

If you encounter the notification shown below during this process, refer to this article for assistance.

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