We know that ads are annoying and ad-blockers are increasing in popularity, but leaving them on while you use Hopper HQ can cause some issues. 

If you have an ad-blocker downloaded to your browser, please ensure you turn this off for Hopper HQ to prevent any disruption to your scheduling experience. 

The reason it's necessary to turn these off when using Hopper HQ is that we have to connect with other systems, mainly the social media networks or file uploader. Often ad-blockers mistake the 'pop-up' as unwanted, however, they are necessary for the Hopper HQ experience ✨

Find out how to allow pop-ups in:

Browser extensions

We've also found that some browser extensions can block certain actions in Hopper HQ.

  • Please try in incognito browser

  • Please try in a different browser

  • Please try on a different device

If you have tried all of this and are unable to load a certain feature in Hopper HQ, please get in touch with the team 🙂

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