At Hopper HQ we make it simple for you to understand why your posts have failed and how to easily understand and rectify the issue at hand.

If one of your posts fail to publish you will receive an email notification informing you of the affected account, a link to the specific post and in some cases details on how to resolve the issue.

How to fix common errors:

On the Hopper HQ History tab, you can easily identify the failed post by the red banner. You can hover your mouse over the warning sign on the post icon to discover the reason for the failure. You can also click on the warning sign to gain more insight.

Error Messages

Please follow each link for a more in-depth explanation of the reason your post failed and details about how to prevent it from happening again:

Other checks to ensure your Instagram and Facebook posts are successful

Still unsure why your post has failed? Get in touch, please let us know the account name and platform to speed up support.

We're happy to help!

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