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Your posts to LinkedIn matter. Used well, LinkedIn is a springboard for your professional reputation! With that, post data really matters to see and understand what types of engagement your posts are achieving.

We've broken LinkedIn Analytics down into these two easy categories:

Account Analytics

Account Analytics is where you can gain an overall view of how well your account is doing.

You can link this information to your content to understand the overall account impact.

On LinkedIn you can see your total number of Followers and a line graph of your Profile Views:

Post Analytics

Post Analytics allows you to see the breakdown of each and every post - not just those posted by Hopper HQ!

This is incredibly useful to understand exactly what type of posts get what level of engagement.

You're able to see and order your posts into:

  • Likes ❀️

  • Comments πŸ’¬

Hashtag Analytics

Hopper HQ now pulls and collates this information into an easily digestible table so that you can see which hashtags are performing better on your social media campaigns.

The table is broken into:

  • The hashtag itself

  • The posts with this hashtag

  • The success metric (Likes and Comments).

This data is ordered with your highest performing hashtags at the top.

This allows you to determine which hashtags pull what type of engagement, so you can review what works and which hashtags you can ditch!

Please note that we can only pull hashtag data from the caption, not the first comment.

β†’ Learn more about Hopper HQ Hashtags and Hashtag Analytics

Export and Report your Analytics

What use is data that you cannot pull, collate and report?

Hopper HQ gives you the ability to export all data as PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, CVG! 🌟

This one is especially useful for those working with clients. So that you can see and prove your fantastic ability to boost engagement through tactical social media managing!

Can't see your Analytics

LinkedIn analytics is supported for company/business pages. Analytics is not supported for individual profiles.

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