You may be asked to refresh your connection periodically with Facebook, to update your account permissions, respond to changes you've made to a profile or business page, or to keep your Analytics and Grid Planner up to date.

Usually, you'll be alerted of the need to refresh your connection via your Grid Planner, but if you ever have difficulty loading your Analytics you may want to try refreshing your connection with Facebook first.

Follow the steps below to refresh your connection and feel free to get in touch with the team if you encounter any issues - we're always happy to help 🙂

Refreshing your account's connection with Facebook

1 - Press the 'Refresh Connection' button in your account's Connection Settings on Hopper HQ.

2 - Click 'Edit Settings' in the Facebook pop up shown, instead of continuing as the currently logged in user - if no popup is shown, make sure you have ad-blocker disabled.

3 - 'Select all' Instagram business accounts you require connected with Hopper HQ (Including all previous and future accounts) is selected in the list, then hit 'Next'.

4 - 'Select all' Facebook Pages you require connected with Hopper HQ (Including all previous and future pages), then hit 'Next'.

5 - Confirm the permissions by pressing 'Done'.

Once you return to your Hopper HQ dashboard, you should see the new profile appear as an option to be reconnected.

If you don't see the account appear, make sure that you are still a page admin and check out this article to make sure these common errors aren't blocking you.

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