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What this article will cover:

  • Connecting your Instagram account

  • Scheduling your first post

NB: This can all seem a little confusing at the start... 😯 This is because we have to ensure your Instagram and Facebook accounts are correctly set up for autoposting.

But trust me when I say this is the first, and last hurdle 😌 And once we've tweaked your account settings, Hopper HQ will be autoposting incredible content to your channels whilst you work, holiday, eat and even dream! ✨

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... To an account full of quality content ready to autopost at your scheduled time! ✨

Connecting your Instagram Account

1. Click + Add Account.

2. Click Instagram.

A new Instagram tab will open. What to do if Instagram doesn't open

You may already be logged into an Instagram account on desktop/mobile. It will automatically pull this account information, so please ensure you're logged into the account you wish to connect to Hopper HQ.

If you are logged into the wrong Instagram account, please close the Instagram window that appeared. Then, open Instagram website or app and ensure you're logged into the correct Instagram account. Once done, please re-start this process in Hopper HQ.

What is Future Off-Facebook Activity?

3. Give Hopper HQ access to your Instagram account.

Ensure both Profile information and Media are checked and press Allow.

4. Create your first post!

See Hopper HQ in action for the first time!

5. Now, let's check your Instagram and Facebook account settings are correct for autoposting.

This is where we have to ensure all the settings and permission are correct so you can autopost using Hopper HQ.

Please go through steps A to E to check everything is in order 😇

A - Is my Instagram account a Business Profile?

  • Business Instagram Accounts are the only account type supported by Instagram's API (a fancy way of allowing Hopper HQ to schedule and post on your behalf 😉 ).

    It's super easy to switch and you can find this in your Instagram Account Settings in the Instagram app! 🌟

    👉 Switch my account to a Business profile

  • If an Instagram account is switched from a Business type to Creator type and then back to a Business type

👉 See this article for more information

B- Is my Instagram account connected to a Facebook page?

  • To check whether your Instagram account is connected to a Facebook page, log into Instagram on your iOS or Android device and head to your profile. On either device, navigate to your personal page and tap Edit Profile. Here under Public business information you will see if there is a Page connected. You may need to confirm this connection. 😃

    If there is no page showing ^

    👉 Connect my Instagram Account to my Facebook Page

C - Have I made any changes to my Instagram account settings after it was connected to Hopper HQ?

  • You'll need to refresh your connection in Hopper HQ before connecting with Facebook. This is to ensure we have the latest information regarding your account changes to allow Facebook connection. 🔗

    To do this:

    1. Head to your Hopper HQ Account Settings for your newly connected Instagram account.

    2. Press the 'Refresh Connection' button under 'Instagram Connection' 🎉

D - Am I missing Instagram/Facebook permissions to set up autoposting?

E - Am I the correct role on my Facebook page?

F - If you've switched from a Business type to Creator type and then back to a Business type

Your Facebook Page Settings may require a native review. It's very easy to check...

👉 Check out this article

6. Once everything is in order, click 'Recheck Account Type'.

7. Next, click Set Up Autoposting!

What to do if Facebook doesn't open

❗ It is very important that in the Facebook pop-up you press 'Edit settings', not 'Continue as [name]'. In this flow please ensure all IG accounts, Facebook pages and permissions are selected:

Well done! You've successfully set up your Instagram account for autoposting with Hopper HQ and scheduled your first post! 🎉

It's smooth sailing from here ⛵

What's Next?

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